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Yossef Bodansky: Some Call It Peace

Some Call It Peace

Waiting For War In the Balkans


Director of the U.S. Congress' Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional warfare

An Overwhelming Deluge of Facts Behind the Ongoing Tragedy of the Balkans

Vital New Facts You Must Know About US Policy

"Once Again, Yossef Bodansky's exhaustive research reveals the facts behind the Balkan conflict, and how the White House forced the unworkable Dayton-Plans accords which have led us to the brink of a much more horrific war."

"Some Call It Peace follows the enormous success of Offensive in the Balkans, and shows how the Clinton White House is helping to fuel a new anti-Western jihad in the heart of Europe ..."

"Offensive in the Balkans was proven correct in every detail. Some Call It Peace has more facts on the mujahedin presence in Bosnia, the great Balkans arms race, the intelligence services' key role, the terrorist training, the vast deceptions and disinformation, the future ofl-FOR and the scope of the coming war."


Foreword by Gregory R. Copley

Author's introduction

Part I

  1. The Islamists' Peace
  2. The Real Sarajevo After Dayton
  3. The Mujahedin? What Mujahedin?
  4. The True Meaning of the Dayton-Paris Agreement
  5. Initial Operational Ramifications
  6. Enter I-FOR
  7. Coping With the Presence of I-FOR
  8. The New Face Of The Bosnian Muslim Forces
  9. The New Mujahedin Deployment
  10. AID and the Terrorist Elite
  11. Confronting Reality
  12. The Islamist Terrorist Infrastructure
  13. The Clandestine Infrastructure
  14. Iran's Own Assets
  15. The Islamist Elite Force
  16. Recognizing The Threat
  17. Iran's Hand

Part II

  1. The Regional Military Build-up and Dynamics
  2. I-FOR In The Equation
  3. The Regional Military Build-up
  4. The Transformation of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Military

Part III

  1. After the Experiment
  2. Preparing for the Fight
  3. Between Real Dynamics and Politics
  4. The Role of Islamist Terrorism
  5. Facing Reality and History

Selected Bibliography

The Author

Tudjman's Sketch for the Partition of Bosnia

Croatian President Franjo Tudjman's map, drawn for a journalist at the official V-J {Victory Over Japan) day 50th anniversary celebration dinner in London on May 6, 1995, showing how he felt Bosnia-Herzegovina would in the future be divided between Croatia and Serbia The map was reproduced in the August 7, 1995, edition of the London newspaper, The Sunday Times

The disposition of communities in B-H at the signing of the Dayton-Paris Accords

The disposition of communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the signing of the Dayton-Paris Accords. Eastern Slavonia, in Croatia, is shown at the top right

The Author

Yossef Bodansky is Director of Research at the International Strategic Studies Association, and is also Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare at the US House of Representatives. As well, he is a Senior Editor for the Defense & Foreign Affairs group of publications. He is the author of four other books (Target America, Terror, Crisis in Korea, and Offensive in the Balkans: The Potential/or a Wider War as a Result of Foreign Intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina), as well as several book chapters, entries for the International Military and Defense Encyclopedia, and numerous articles in several periodicals, including Global Affairs, Jane's Defence Weekly, Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, and Business Week. In the 1980s, he acted as a senior consultant for the US Department of Defense and the US Department of State.


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