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Yossef Bodansky: Some Call It Peace

Selected Bibliography

A Note On Sources

Some Call It Peace is based for the most part on extensive indigenous material from all sides involved in the fighting in the former Yugoslavia itself as well as from Europe (including Russia) the Middle East and the Muslim world and North America This material includes wire service reports by local and international news agencies numerous articles from the local newspapers periodicals and newsletters transcripts of broadcasts on the local media (mostly translated by the US Government's FBIS/JPRS) huge quantities of original source material retrieved through the Internet, as well as a private collection of several thousand books, manuals and articles

In addition the author draws on a unique private collection of primary sources plus original publications documents and reports -- developed over nearly two decades of intensive research Moreover the author had extensive interviews and communications with numerous officials, commanders, émigrés, defectors and otherwise involved individuals from all sides This wide range of sources constitutes a unique database for expert analysis regarding the subjects in question

Selected Bibliography

These are the primary sources used for the writing of Some Call It Peace. They constitute but a fraction of the diverse material consulted over the years of research

News Agencies

AFP (France)

AIM (Independent opposition service in the new Yugoslavia)



ATA (Albania)

BETA (Yugoslavia)

BH PRESS (Bosnian Government)

BINA (Belgrade based Serbian service)

DRINA (ad hoc, Bosnian Muslim service from the pockets in eastern Bosnia)

FONET (Serbian independent service)

HABENA (Bosnian Croat organ of Herzeg-Bosna)

HINA (Croatia)



ISA PRESS (Sandzak based Islamic service close to Sarajevo)

ISKRA (Krajina Serbs)

ITAR TASS (Russia)

MAKPRES (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

MENA (Egypt)

MONTENA FAX (Independent service in Montenegro)

ONASA (Islamist service closely Associated with the Bosnian Government)

Reuters (US/UK)

SIA (Serbian service)

SRNA (Bosnian Serb the organ of the Republic of Srpska)

STA (Slovenia)

TANJUG (Yugoslavia)


TIKER (Belgrade based independent service)

ZB1A (Abdic's organ)

Main Periodicals And Newspapers

At Alum (UK based Arab)

Al Hayah (UK based Arab)

Al Manila (UK based Arab)

Al Sharq al Awsat (UK based Arab)

Al Shira (Lebanon)

Al Watan al Arabi (Europe based Arab)

Al Wasat (UK based Arab)

Avazov Focus (Sarajevo)

BiH Ekslusiv (Croatia, Bosnian Croats)

Bild (Germany)

Borba (Yugoslavia)

Bota Sot (Switzerland based Kosovo Albanian nationalist opposition)

Bulvar (Turkey)

Corriere Della Serra (Italy)

Danas (Croatia)

Daily Telegraph, The (UK)

Dawn (Pakistan)

Defence & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy (UK/US)

Delo (Slovenia)

Der Spiegel (Germany)

Die Welt (Germany)

Dnevni Avaz (Sarajevo)

Dnevni Telegraf (Yugoslavia)

Dnevnik (Slovenia)

Duga (Yugoslavia)

Economist, The (UK)

Ekonomska Politika (Yugoslavia)

Ettela'at (Iran)

European, The (UK)

Financial Times, The (UK)

Flaka e Vellazarimit (Macedonia-based Albanian)

Focus (Germany)

Focus (Sarajevo)

Foreign Affairs (US)

Foreign Policy (US)

Foreign Report (UK)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany)

Glas Slavonije (Croatia, Slavonia)

Glas Srpski (Rcpuhlika Srpska)

Glasnik (Croatia)

Globe and Mail, The (Canada)

Globus (Croatia)

Guardian, The (UK)

Ha'Aretz (Israel)

Hrvatska rijec (Sarajevo)

Hrvatski obzor (Croatia)

Hrvatski vojnik (Croatia)

Hurriyet (Turkey)

Independent, The (UK)

Intelligence Newsletter (France)

Intervju (Yugoslavia)

lzvestya (Russia)

Jane's Defence Weekly (UK)

Jane's Intelligence Review (formerly Jane's Soviet Intelligence Review) (UK)

Javnost (Republika Srpska)

Jeune Afrique (France)

Jomhuri-ye Islami (Iran)

Kayhan (UK based Iranian opposition)

Kayhan (Iran)

Kosovo Daily Report (Pnstina)

Krasnaya Zvezda (Russia)

L'Evenement du Jeudi (France)

L'Express (France)

L'Figaro (France)

Le Monde (France)

Le Nouvel Observateur (France)

Le Point (France)

Ljiljan (Sarajevo)

Los Angeles Times (US)

Ma'ariv (Israel)

Magyar Szo (Yugoslavia-based Hungarians)

Milliyet (Turkey)

Mladina (Slovenia)

Monitor (Yugoslavia, Montenegro)

Muslim (Pakistan)

Nasa Borba (Yugoslavia)

Nedeljni Telegraf (Yugoslavia)

Nedjeljna Dalmacija (Croatia, Dalmatia)

New York Times, The (US)

Newsweek (US)

Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Russia)

Nimrooz (UK based Iranian opposition)

NIN (Yugoslavia)

Nova Bosna (German based emigre)

Nova Makedonija (Macedonia)

Novi List (Croatia)

Observer, The (UK)

Odbrana (Macedonia)

Oslobodjenje (Sarajevo and international edition in Slovenia)

Oslobodjenje (Republika Srpska)

Pobjeda (Montenegro, Yugoslavia)

Politika (Yugoslavia)

Politika Ekspres (Yugoslavia)

Puls (Macedonia)

Segodnya (Russia)

Slobodna Bosna (Sarajevo)

Slobodna Dalmacija (Dalmatia, Croatia)

Slovenec (Slovenia)

Srpska Rec (Yugoslavia)

Sunday Telegraph, The (UK)

Sunday Times, The (UK)

Svijet (Yugoslavia)

Tehran Times, The (Iran)

Telegraf (Yugoslavia)

Time (US & European editions)

Times, The (UK)

US New. & World Report (US)

Vecer (Macedonia)

Vecernje Novine (Sarajevo)

Vecernje Novosti (Yugoslavia)

Vecernje List (Croatia)

Vesti (German based emigre)

Vjesnik (Croatia)

Vojska (Yugoslavia)

Voyenno Istoricheskiy Zhurnal (Russia)

Vreme (Yugoslavia)

WarReport (UK)

Washington Post, The (US)

Washington Times, The (US)

Yediot Aharonot (Israel)

Zarubezhnoye Voyennye Obozrenye (Russia)

Selected Books

[R| – Russian

|F] – French

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West: Terrorism in the World Today] New York NY, SPI Books, 1993

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