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Gerard Baudson: The New World Order And Yugoslavia


The New World Order and Yugoslavia

1996, Gil Wern Editions 38, rue Charlot 75003, France


The New World Order And Yugoslavia

PREFACE by Pierre Marie Gallois

INTRODUCTION The Constraints of Hegemonism

PART ONE The New World Order
Chapter I The Delights of The International Free Exchange
Chapter II German Federal Europe
Chapter III Geopolitics of Islam
Chapter IV The Gulf War
Chapter V The Peace Process in the Middle East
Chapter VI The United Nations under American Dominance
Chapter VII NATO and the American Supremacy in Europe
Chapter VIII Disinformation and Falsehoods
Chapter IX The Choice Of Washington

PART TWO The Yugoslav Space
Chapter X A Bit of History
Chapter XI The Route to Sarajevo
Chapter XII Mitteleuropa
Chapter XIII The Communist Yugoslavia (1945 -1989)
Chapter XIV Albanian Occupation in Kosovo

PART THREE The Yugoslav Wars of Secession
Chapter XV "The Lunacy of Unitarianism"
Chapter XVI "Danke Deutschland" or The Croat Independence
Chapter XVII The Badinter Arbitration Commission
Chapter XVIII The Bosnian Melting Pot
Chapter XIX Calvary Of The Innocents
Chapter XX Justice In The Service Of Politics "Per Fas Et Nefas"
Chapter XXI Of Identity and of Religion
Chapter XXII August 1995

CONCLUSION The War Postponed?




What is, actually, this New World Order proclaimed by George Bush in September 1990? Peace? There have been more armed conflicts and the OUN interventions from 1989 to 1995 than during the entire forty years of the East-West antagonism! Stability? Never in history have there been more changes of frontiers over such a short time, from the Adriatic coast up to the confines of China! The New World Order is the American hegemony: control over the world economy through GATT, IMF, NAFTA, control over the United Nations Security Council for purpose of internationalizing the right of interference and the embargo, control of Europe through NATO and COCONA, control over petroleum reserves through the Gulf War, control over minds through media disinformation.

Yugoslavia, thus, became both the meeting point and the point of convergence of German appetites and American strategic interests.

Analyzing the main aspects of the New World Order, painting a large fresco of what Yugoslavia has been, from the Middle Ages to the Tito times, describing the four years of war in Croatia and Bosnia, this book is trying to give answers to these questions.

Gerard Baudson, the author standing against thinking in circles, has already published two books: "Europe of Fools" in 1993 and "Europe of Apatrides" in 1994, and many articles in the press related to the Yugoslav drama.

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