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A German Insider's View of Kosovo Conflict

BONN, Apr. 17 - The following report, which TiM has now received from a multitude of sources, has been attributed to a "German insider." Since we normally don't publish articles from sources which we cannot authenticate, we have sat on this text for several days now.

But not only have some credible sources from the international intelligence community also forwarded the same report to us, but it has now also been passed on by Jürgen Reents, Press-spokesman of PDS at the German parliament. The original text, posted at the German, can be found at the PDS site:

And so, without further ado, here's a "German insider's" story about what the "Kosovo Crisis" is all about…


Personal Preliminary Remarks:

This text I am giving to a Catholic priest, who is a member of the Order for Peace [Ordensleute für den Frieden] here in Germany. I am doing so while maintaining confessional confidentiality, and divulging no information as to my identity. He will transmit this text on my behalf to those who need to know the truth.

I hold a high-security post in the government apparatus in Bonn, and for reasons of conscience can no longer remain silent. The facts that I am about to divulge are, for the better informed, examinable and verifiable.

Both the entire NATO propaganda staff as well as the Infernal Trio, Schroeder, Scharping and Fischer, here in Germany are unabashedly lying to the public with nearly every "fact" they present about the Balkans War, while a willing media pack is keenly spreading these lies, unverified, as gospel truth.

About the current situation:

The Federal Government knows the true reasons why the people are fleeing and is cynically playing with the calculated misery of the refugees in the border regions of Kosovo, in order to maintain an image comparable to WW II deportations and "ethnic cleansing".

Neither the military intelligence arm of the Bundeswehr nor that of the NATO have at their disposal photographic evidence, intelligence knowledge, indications and proof leading to the conclusion that there is systematic expulsion or deportation of refugees by the Yugoslav special forces, army or police. According to internal acknowledgement of the defense ministry the reasons for flight are more or less equally distributed:

Some sectors of NATO welcome the mass exodus of refugees. The military in Germany favorably greeted the Pentagon's April 5, [1999] commentary to the effect that when all had fled, Kosovo could be carpet bombed with no restraint.

The German government knows that there are no concentration camps, that no houses where marked with "S" by Serbs. This, as well as the news that people are not being detained in a stadium in Pristina, was reported by representatives of the catholic church in Pristina in a direct telephone conversation with employees of the German government. Still Scharping is spreading these lies.

The German government is also aware that on the borders American and European private media are offering up to US $200,000 for video footage of massacres - real or posed.

NATO and the German army are logistically supporting the KLA. Food, uniforms and instructors are furnished mainly by the Bundeswehr as well as the USA. All KLA commanders are in constant radio contact with NATO.

NATO ground forces are already operating doing reconnaissance inside Kosovo. They are German and US units whose task is to detect and give the coordinates of ground targets. Furthermore, NATO officers are functioning as liaison commandos for the KLA. The contacts that were necessary for this mission were established by US and German officers, in violation of their mission as OSCE observers, preceding NATO-attacks. Here the German parliament is being as much taken for a fool as the general public.

With the deployment of German Tornado aircraft, our Defense Minister has chosen to premeditatedly violate the Geneva Convention and other international laws of warfare. This applies to the targeting and destruction of the military hospital in Belgrade, as well as the attacks carried out against the Danube bridges and among other things, the disturbance/interruption of the continuation of international traffic on the Danube between Regensburg and the Black Sea, which also Germany as a bordering state to the Danube has guaranteed under international law to protect.

The Chancellor and Foreign Minister knew from the outset that no Yugoslav government could ever sign the occupation statute, as it appeared in articles 6, 8 and 10 of Annex B of the Rambouillet Treaty. Both understood clearly that this would mean the end of Yugoslavia as a sovereign state. War was therefore inevitable.

Experts of the Justice Ministry poked fun at these passages, these clauses NATO would give NATO the rights of a medieval robber-knight throughout the whole of Yugoslavia. Furthermore, according to Filippo di Robilant, the Italian legal advisor at Rambouillet to Rugova, the moderate Kosovo-Albanian, Rugova only signed after he was given assurance by Robin Cook, that NATO would attack exclusively military targets and that measures would be taken to safeguard the civilian population in the whole of Yugoslavia.

CIA covert action aimed at dismembering Yugoslavia:

Code named "Roots" - a covert action under which the CIA prepared the war - the objective is the destruction of Yugoslavia though loss of Kosovo, Montenegro and Vojvodina.

Under the "Roots" operations, the USA has since the beginning of the first term of Clinton's Administration been working - in close collaboration with Germany - on this covert action of the CIA and the DIA, and supported by the German secret service. The objective of "Roots" is the military and ethnic destabilization of Yugoslavia, the last bastion of resistance in the Balkans.

The objective of "Roots'" is the dissociation of Kosovo as the principal source of raw materials for Yugoslavia though a comprehensive autonomy, by Albanian annexation or total independence; the secession of Montenegro, its the only remaining access to the Adriatic, and the dislocation of Vojvodina the "bread basket," and another source of raw materials for Yugoslavia leading to the total collapse of Yugoslavia as a viable, industrial state.

Behind this action is Germany's and the USA's fear that Yugoslavia will ally itself with Russia and other former Soviet states once Yeltsin is replaced by communist and nationalist forces in the near future. [ ... ]

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